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In 1984 a new wing under the P & AR Branch of the Home Department was created. Before this, establishment matters of Lower Division Assistants, Upper Division Assistants, Head Assistants and Section Officers and all Typists of the Secretariat were dealt in departmentally. Public Service Commission, WB allotted candidates (LDA & Typists) to Departments directly. Their seniority, promotion etc. were maintained by the concerned Departments. Naturally according to number of promotional posts prevailed in the department candidates' fate swayed. To end this injustice secretariat common cadre system was introduced with effect from 1st April, 1984. And to implement this system a new wing under the name and style of Common Cadre Wing was created under the then branch of P & AR of Home Department In 2000 the Wing, consequent upon the P&AR emerged as a new Secretariat Department, became part & parcel of the P&AR Department.



The main aim of introduction of Secretariat Common Cadre System was to eradicate the above anomalies. This has been aptly achieved.

  • There was an injustice to the candidates appointed in various Secretariat Departments by the P.S.C., WB. Since higher promotional posts did not exist in all Departments proportionately, it happened  so that  meritorious candidates posted in an almost closed pool Department (with very few higher posts) used to get lift at very long intervals or not at all. On the contrary, Lower positioned candidates but posted in flourishing Department got the benefit of promotion frequently. Moreover, at the highest level of the administration employees had no opportunity to gather varied experience of work in various Departments as one had to work in a single Department for whole of  his/her career, there was no transfer. That apart, chances of going outside on deputation were very remote and to most of the Departments nil.

  • Arrangement to impart various in-service training to cadre personnel posted in various Departments.
  • Filling up of various ex-cadre posts of different Departments, Govt. undertakings, Boards, Corporations of State and Central Govt., Autonomous Bodies by Secretariat personnel on deputation basis.
  • Ensure integrity of cadre personnel. 

Attached Offices

At the outset there were only 31 Departments and 3 Offices borne in the Secretariat common cadre. The number increased with the introduction of various new Departments. Moreover some tribunals were constituted which also came under the preview of the C.C. Wing. At  present there are 63(sixty three) Secretariat Departments and 3 (three) tribunals and 1(one) commission where manning of employees are done from the C.C.Wing. Some of them are:

1) Home
2) Finance
3) Education (four)
4) Land and Land Reforms
5) Health & Family Welfare and many

1) Governor's Secretariat
2) Governor's Household Secretariat
3) Resident Commissioner, New Delhi

1) West Bengal Administrative Tribunal
2) West Bengal Taxation Tribunal
3) West Bengal Land Reforms & Tenacy Tribunal

  • Deptts : 63
  • Offices :
  • Tribunal :
  • Commission : Vigilance Commission, West Bengal

Apart from this the Common Cadre Personnel are regularly posted on deputation to the following commissions/corporations:-

1) WB. Human Rights Commission
2) WB Minority Commission
3) Information Commission
4) Lokayukta's Office
5) WB. Forests Development Corporation
6) WB Sch. Castes & Tribes Dev. & Finance Corporation
7) WB land use Board
8) Institute of Local govt. & Urban Studies and many.

Functional Background

Functions relating to the above eight(8) Cadres:-

  1. Names of Cadre maintained and managed :
    • Lower Division Assistant
    • Upper Division Assistant
    • Head Assistant
    • Section Officer
    • Typist (Basic Grade )
    • Typist (Grade I)
    • Typist (Supervisory Grade)
    • Typist (Senior Supervisory Grade)
    • Appointment
    • Transfer
    • Confirmation
    • Promotion
    • Discipline & integrity
    • Issue of NOC for various purpose

  2. Filling up of posts on deputation in and outside Secretariat.
  3. Answer to Assembly Questions
  4. Contribute to State Budget Session
  5. Furnish information under R.T.I Act.

Present Staff Strength

Joint Secy 1
Assistant Secy. 1
Section Officer 5
Head Assistant 2
Upper Division Assistant 5
Lower Division Assistant 7
Typist (Sr. Supervisory Grade) 1
Typist (Grade I) 2
Typist (Basic Grade) 2
Record supplier 1
Peon 4
Total 31

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