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Introduction: The Common Cadre Wing of Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department mainly act as :

                        The Appointing Authority of the Employees borne under Secretariat Common Cadre; and

                        The Controlling Authority of the Common Cadre;

Background:  There was an injustice to the candidates appointed in various Secretariat Departments by the P.S.C., WB. Since higher promotional posts did not exist in all Departments proportionately, it happened so that meritorious candidates posted in an almost closed pool Department (with very few higher posts) used to get lift at very long intervals or not at all. On the contrary, Lower positioned candidates but posted in flourishing Department got the benefit of promotion frequently. Moreover, at the highest level of the administration, employees had no opportunity to gather varied experience of work in various Departments as one had to work in a single Department for whole of  his/her career, there was no transfer.

The main aim of introduction of Secretariat Common Cadre System was to eradicate the above anomalies. This has been aptly achieved.

Scope:  The major portion of its function is data-base oriented. So, a strong data-base system is always required in every step which sometimes could not be assured by the present manual maintenance of data-base due to lack of co-ordination among different sub-cells and absence of back-up system.

            Keeping in mind the rapidly changing and modernised data-base system in every aspect of administration, necessity for introduction of computerised data-base in this organisation can not be ignored any more.

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