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From the time of formation of Personnel & Administration Reforms Branch under the Joint Establishment of Home Department till 2000, the office establishment matters of the department i.e. purchase etc. had been dealt with by the joint establishment of Home( Political ) department and employees-establishment matter were being dealt with by the respective cells of this Department with whom the matters were involved. Facing problems with the expansion of this Department with the introduction of Secretariat Common Cadre Wing dealing about six(6) thousands employees of various Secretariat Department in execution of such works in some areas under the joint establishment of Home( Political ) department and employees-establishments cell wise , formation of an Establishment Cell was felt to dispose of all different types of Establishment matters of this Department centrally under one roof leading to the emergence of Establishment cell in the present form in the year of 2000.



To deal with establishment matters in respect of employees -
1) Belonging to Gr. D- Peon (B.G.), Peon Gr.I,
2) Belonging to Gr. C –Lower Division Assistants, Typist (B.G.), Muharrier Gr.I, and Gr.'A' employees upto the level of Section Officer – of this Department. Muharrier Gr.II, Record Supplier.
3) Belonging to Gr.B-Head Assistant, Upper Division Assistants, Typist Gr.I, Typist Supervisor.
4) Belonging to Gr.A –Section Officers.

Functional Background

Establishment Cell deals with

  1. Maintenance of financial funds and establishment matters of employees up to the rank of Section Officers.
  2. Provides GPF advance, Bicycle advance, motor cycle advance, M.I. advance.
  3. Executes inter departmental branch   transfer and posting of categorized employees.
  4. Purchase of stationeries & miscellaneous items for PAR department.
  5. Purchase and maintenances of photocopiers, computers & allied accessories for this Department.
  6. Making arrangement for hiring of vehicles need by official deserved for using.
  7. Sanctioning car hiring charge, newspaper bills for deserving officers.
  8. Disposing all sorts of retirement benefits like, pension, gratuity, leave encashment, G.I. payment, final payment of General Provident Fund.
  9. Issue of retirement notices to the employees up to the rank of Section Officers.
  10. Dealing with leave matters up to the rank of Section Officers of this Cell.
  11. Annual Report on SC/ST/OBC.
  12. Drawal of permanent Advance.
  13. Preparation of Acting Arrangement of this Deptt.
  14. Manning personnel in the Information Commission and in the office of the Lokayukta.

Present Staff Strength

Joint Secy. 1
Assistant Secy. 1
Registrar 1
Section Officer 1
Upper Division Assistant 4
Lower Division Assistant 3
Typist (Grade I) 1
Typist (Basic Grade) 1
Peon 4
TOTAL   17  

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