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General cell has been integral part of this secretariat from very beginning. The name actually given was General Service Cell meant for posting/ Promotions etc. of the then General Service Officers in the rank of O.S.D./ Registrar/ Special Officers and upward from amongst the cadres belonging to Common Cadre of Secretariat Upper Division Assistants / H.A.’s / S.O.’s. The General Service actually has now become vague with the constitute of West Bengal Secretariat Service. This cell should more appropriate be termed now as WBSS cell for better identification of the functions of this cell. This cell however has its own significance and matches with other 10 cells of this department in making State administration viable enough.



Placement of services of officers in the rank of O.S.D. / Registrar / Special Officers and upward belonging to the Cadre of West Bengal Secretariat Service (termed previously as General Service officers) in different departments for smooth functioning of the Govt. and award promotions on basis of specific A.C.R. ratings and other relevant documents with the prior approval of the P.S.C., W.B. or the Departmental Selection Committee.


Resident Commissioner’s Office, New Delhi which has to perform various activities including liaison with different Departments of Government of India.

Functional Background

  • To control the Cadres of West Bengal Secretariat Service of Deputy Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries and Registrar / Officer on Special Duty/ Special Officer / Liaison Officer / Office Superintendent.
  • To give the appoints of officers under the Cadre mentioned hereinabove, on promotion, and transfer them from one department to the other in the interest of public service.
  • To offer higher scales such as scale nos. 17,18 & 19 (Pre-Revised) to the said officers under Career Advancement Schemes.
  • To deal with legal matters with regard to the officers under the aforesaid Cadre.
  • To issue No-objection Certificates in respect of the officers under the aforesaid Cadre.
  • To act as Disciplinary Authority in respect of the officer in the rank of Deputy Secretaries and of Assistant Secretaries.
  • To deal with establishment matters of the office of Resident Commissioner at New Delhi.
  • To issue Pension, Gratuity, Group Insurance, Leave Salary and final payment of General Provident Fund of West Bengal Secretariat Service Officers of this department.
  • To issue permission to the officers belonging to the Cadre of West Bengal Secretariat Service of Deputy Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries and Registrar / Officer on Special Duty/ Special Officer / Liaison Officer / Officer Superintendent with regard to purchase / dispose of movable / immovable property, etc.
  •  To deal with references from other State Government or, from Government of India with regard to service matters of Secretariat Employees.
  • To offer concurrence on behalf of this department to the appointment of officers in Engineering Service and / or allied service belonging other departments.
  • To deal with any other issue(s) which is not categorically entrusted to any other cell of this department.
  • Apportionment of Secretariat posts between WBCS(Exe) & W.B.S.S. cadre.
  • Review of the Cadre Strength of W.B.S.S. cadre at a regular interval of three years.

Present Staff strength

Joint Secretary   1  
Assistant Secretary   1  
Section Officer   1  
Head Assistant   1  
Upper Division Assistant   4  
Lower Division Assistant   4  
Typist Supervisor Grade   1  
Record supplier   1  
Peon   2  
TOTAL   16  


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