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The Service Records & Accounts Cell is entrusted with the duties of custody, maintenance & updating the Service Books and Leave Account of all W.B.C.S(Exe) and IAS officers in West Bengal including those officers who are on deputation. However, Service Books of IAS officers who are posted / transferred to Govt. of India are usually updated and sent to that Govt. for necessary records.



The Primary objective of Service Record & Accounts Cell is to record every step in the Govt. employee’s official life in his service book, a statutory requirement as embodied in para 39 of part IV of Appendix – 7 of WBSR Vol-I. This function contributes to a great extent in processing the Pensionary & Retirement benefits of the officers / employee smoothly.

Functional Background

Thus the function of the Service Records & Accounts Cell originate from the statutory provisions, as stated above. To be more specific, the Service Records & Accounts Cell performs the following functions:-

  • Maintains the Service Books of Officers
  • Updates the Leave Account (E.L. & H.P.L) after recording the Leave taken.
  • Records transfer, posting, Promotions etc.
  • Records verification of services
  • Obtains certificate regarding Foreign Service Contributions from the Pr. AG(A&E) WB in the Service Books of officers who are on deputation
  • Updates and prepares the Service Book for pension and sends it to the Pension Processing Authority
  • Acts as custodian of service books of retired employees.
  • Providing duplicate Service Book to officers
  • Maintenance of Service Books & all types of establishment works relating to the officers & staff of the cell.

Present Staff strength

Joint Secy.   1  
A.O. & E.O.D.S.   1  
Assistant Secy.   1  
Section Officer   4  
Head Assistant   3  
P.A.   1  
Upper Division Assistant   17  
Lower Division Assistant   13  
Typist Grade I   1  
Typist Basic Grade   1  
Muharrior   3  
Record supplier   2  
Peon Grade-I   2  
Peon   3  
TOTAL   53  

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